Small business with a big hearth.

Come with me to the magical world of children, where you can dream for a while.

You`ll find here childrens` clothes, made of natural materials, kids` room decor and unique toys with soul, full of lovely details. All this is made with love and care in Slovakia.


What is slow fashion about?

For me it`s not just a phrase. It`s a lifestyle, I love to practice. Slow fashion isn`t made in factories in another end of the world by people who wasn`t paid fairly. The magic of our items consists in the handwork (hand embroidery, hand made details). That`s why they can`t be produced in large quantities. The product chain is very short. I have enough time to make each piece perfectly. Slow fashion doesn`t need the latest trends. Our clothes will stay with you for a long time. It begins with choosing a high quality material and ends with a piece, that lasts for more generations. Slow fashion is not boring. It sets focus on a timeless design, you can combine our clothes with other favourite pieces from the wardrobe. I don`t give my best to sell the whole collection quickly to make a new one. Popular items are always to buy and the new ones are added after the less popular are sold out.


My name is Julia.

I`m a mom, a fan of slow and sustainable fashion. On the beginning I just wanted clothes for my children with minimalist design made local of natural materials. After a long search I decided to make them by myself. By hand, with a traditional touch and with no quality-comromise. My passion for traditional textile crafts inspires me and I want to transform this inspiration into my products. The choice of a high quality material is very important to me. I buy directly from fabric producers, I know where the fabric was made and what it contains. 


When you are looking for original and healthy childrens` wear, then you are here at the right place.